Echoes of Subterfuge


Today the crew decided that rather than going to work we should investigate the pet shop the the dead dwarf we found seemed to frequent. Which only gave us more questions, this time about a scientist the young dwarf worked with who dealt mainly in rat experiments. The shop keeper recommended that we visit the parents of this dwarf in order to find the whereabouts of this scientist in the city. After visiting an abusive husband dwarf who refused to believe us his son was dead. we decided to search out some biddies at a local bar, the bar we decided on was none other than the scary scrotum. Which was indeed very scary, not to mention scrotesque. There we met a horrid old lady wearing the popular bondage attire of bars. We were led to believe that the person with the least amount of clothing would be the wisest, this proved to be false. We then spent time discussing everything with the bar owner with haunted testicles that had to do with our case. he suggested we go and visit Kahn f Jennedy. He also mentioned an affair with the bar owner of the Boars Ballsack, which happened to be the bar adjacent to the Scary Scrotum. after multiple hours we believe we may have managed to hook up these testacular beverage makers and combine the Ballsiest bar in town. We followed this up by visiting Kahn himself. where before we were to be given information we were required to eradicate “the whore problem” in the lower wards. however after a lot of investigating we decided to help this underground matriarchal society. This involved entering the most fowl sewer as well as the most boobie trapped, in order to umm"sneak" into Kahn F. Jennedy’s household and currently we are fighting our way through Kahn F’s in order to destroy the warrant given to search the whoradigm.



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