The grand city of Paladymia stands lonely amidst a sandy landscape. A monument to isolation, this city has seen countless emperors gleam and spoil under the searing stare of the desert sun. With its blatant, binary segregation of wealth and race, political illness has festered under the watch of Paladymia’s royal, inattentive bloodline. Lawlessness has stricken regions of poverty such as the Lower Wards due the latest emperor’s warped agenda. Insurgents have risen in reaction to the injustice and negligence of the plagued territory amassing advocacy groups to further the wealth of their lives. The mixed intentions of these errant collections lead the powerful exploiters and noble paragons responsible to stumble over the endemic filth like a thirsty man with a pair penal dowsing rods. This is where our adventure begins and may very well end.

Echoes of Subterfuge revolves around political intrigue and conspiracy in a world where the players’ very own insignificance and lowly position is a curse.

Echoes of Subterfuge

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